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Battery Supplies NV/SA has been a very active player on the battery sales market for more than 20 years. Our slogan has always been “The Choice Is Yours” and LogiMAT is the perfect spot to show our visitors how this approach has become the backbone of our commercial strategy.

“The Choice Is Yours” for all our forklift and other material handling solutions!

Battery Supplies offers a full range of 2V traction cells (PZS/PZB/PZV) and complete batteries. We have most cell models on stock at all times in our warehouses in Belgium, France and Germany, as well as many battery containers. In 2022 we have launched our very user-friendly Ecommerce platform where you are only a few clicks away from receiving a price for loose cells, a complete forklift battery and – if required – additional options like an aquamatic waterfilling system, plug or suitable charger.

CSM tractie traction
Pure Lead Carbon traction
AQ-LITH custom traction

At LogiMAT we will highlight also the CSM technology for severe heavy duty applications. The copper material used in these batteries is one of the best conductors of energy and this ensures a higher performance in very heavy-duty applications or when the equipment is operated in very severe conditions (e.g. cold storage).

Our Pure Lead Carbon range solution is a very good option if the equipment undergoes a lot of intermediate charging and the machine has to operate often from a partial state of charge.

We also offer a full range of ready-to-use LiFePO4 batteries and custom-made LiFePO4 batteries. LiFePO4 technology offers very unique advantages over any lead battery technology in terms of intermediate charging, fast-charging and battery lifetime. Our company prides itself with our very dedicated team of engineers and designers that can work out a fully custom-made solution for your requirement!

“The Choice Is Yours” at Battery Supplies NV/SA is also valid for our block batteries for smaller applications:

Battery Supplies also offers a full range of block batteries (6V and 12V) that are used in scissor lifts, industrial cleaning machines, hand pallettrucks, utility vehicles and many other equipment. Open lead acid battery blocks are a cost-effective solution and we offer a full range of US Deep Cycle batteries, PZS tubular monoblocks and semi-traction batteries. Our maintenance-free solutions include AGM and GEL Deep-Cycle batteries, as well as Lead Carbon batteries. Lead Carbon batteries ensure almost double the lifetime of GEL batteries and withstand better to intermediate charging: they combine the lifetime of open lead acid batteries with the convenience of maintenance-free batteries: a highly recommended solution that is definitely worth enquiring for!

Also LiFePO4 batteries are available in modular block batteries that can be connected with each other and in particular our waterproof range of 24V and 48V blocks will be a highlight on our stand (Hall 10 Stand B67).

Most items are immediately available from stock which allows for a fast and flexible shipment! Each technology has its specific advantages and are interesting to consider. Apart from our full range of battery solutions we also offer a complete product portfolio of battery accessories (e.g. chargers, cables, connectors, plugs, boosters, etc).

Our team at LogiMAT looks forward to welcoming you on our stand (Hall 10 Stand B67), learning about your company and exploring the many solutions we can offer to you!

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