Dyno Europe Semi-tractie Semi-traction


  • Thicker plates
  • Grid plates with radial geometry
  • Active material with specific composition to resist the cyclical discharges
  • Grids of Pb / Sb / Sn / As / Se alloy which improves corrosion resistance and improves the contact between the active material
  • Microporous rubber separators with glass fiber mats to prevent the loss of active materials
  • Up to 300 cycles

A semi-traction battery is almost identical to a traction battery, the big difference between the two is that a traction battery lasts longer than a semi-traction battery (traction battery has more cycles compared to a semi-traction battery)

These batteries must be able to supply a constant current for a long period of time. They have thicker lead plates and glass fiber separation which makes these batteries easier to discharge.

The Micro-porous rubber separators are a technical solution and thanks to a precise choice of materials used our batteries give the best performance and ensure proven reliability and long life.

Automatic filling systemOptional: Automatic water filling system

While charging, the water in the battery will be converted into oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis. Resulting in a decrease of water level in the battery, a major cause of early defects. Thanks to our automatic water filling system, you don’t have to worry about manualy filling all you batteries.

Save time, batteries and money!

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