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AQ-LITH® insert batteries

AQ-LITH® insert batteries

Our AQ-LITH® insert batteries are designed to fit most electric pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers. Thanks to opportunity charging and an integrated charger,  they bring increased uptime and greater charging convenience. Another great advantage is the integrated BMS System, the BMS system makes it possible to cut down costs by constantly monitoring the battery status which boosts forklift uptime without risking the battery operation life.

We have 2 models in stock 24V 100Ah and 24V 200Ah.

Lithium Insert batterijen AQ-LITH® insert batteries


  • Battery excl spacers and ballast plates
  • 4 options: in 100Ah or 200Ah, with built-in charger or without charger
  • With internal fuse and precharge contactor
  • With remote control box with start/stop button, buzzer and display.
  • With autosleep function to increase autonomy of the battery
  • Perfect replacement of standard lead-acid batteries. if you want to replace a Li-ion battery, then pleasentake care as some machines need a special canbus-communication with the battery. Please contact us


  • Economical solution
  • Can resist high currents: use of contactors instead MOSFET
  • INSERT battery: we reduced the dimensions of the battery to a minimum. Doing so, this battery fits in mostly all pallet jacks, even if the width is limited.

Integrated charger (optional):

AQ-LITH® insert batteries can be equipped with an integrated charger as standard which provides greater charging convenience for daily usage. A faster external charger is also available as an option to cover different user needs.

The batteries can be charged up to 7% in 10 minutes. Operators can take the opportunity of charging during shift breaks. This maximizes uptime as the trucks are always available when needed.

Charger AQ-LITH insert batteries
AQ-LITH inserts BMS

Integrated BMS:

Thanks to the BMS system, it is possible to constantly monitor the status of the battery. In one glance you can monitor the temperature of the battery cells and it calculates the batteries’ state of charge. It keeps the battery in a safe and stable condition.

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