Solar energy

AQ-LITH® EnergyBox

An installation with a home battery always measures the energy that goes to or from the grid. As soon as it notices that there is solar energy left, it will charge the battery. In the evening, when the sun no longer supplies that much energy, the battery will initially be discharged before it is switched to the more expensive mains power.

AQ-LITH EnergyBox

3 kWh 5 kWh 7 kWh
BAT/49010 BAT/49011 BAT/49012
Technology Li-ion (LiFePO4 or LFP)
Nominal voltage (V) 51,2
Capacity (Ah) 57,6 100,8 136,8
Capacity (kWh) 3 5,2 7
Power 2,5 3 3
Dimensions (mm) 523 x 679 x 152,5 564 x 650 x 212 662 x 717 x 205
Weight(kg) 45 66 89
Charging voltage 58
Design life (year) 10
Warranty (cycles) 6000
Temperature (°C) -20 -> +60
IP 54
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The AQ-LITH® ESS battery is being designed, assembled and tested at Battery Supplies itself.

Suitable for:

  • Lowering from the own peak consumption (peak shaving)
  • Increasing the selfconsumption
  • Saving energy on cheap moments (arbitration)


Technology Li-ion LFP ( LiFePO4)
Balancing technology Dynamic (active and passive)
Optimal economic DOD 80%
Expected cycles 4000 cycles at 25°C, 0,5C/0,5C; 80% DOD
Warranty on capacity 8 years or 3000 cycles
Efficiency up to 98%
Protection IP20
Max nominal (dis)charge rate 0,5C
Nominal tension (V) 576
Minimal tension (V) 450
Maximum tension (V) 657
Optimal temperature (°C) 25
Minimal temperature (°C) 0
Maximum temperature (°C) 45
Ventilation in de cabin Forced ventilation
Capacity (kWh) 60,48 120,96 181,44 241,92
Number of cabins 600 mm 3 3 4 5
Dimensions L (mm) 1860 1860 2480 3100
W (mm) 610 610 610 610
H (mm) 2000 2000 2000 2000
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To be used in Solar stand alone systems : Off-Grid systems

With the Solar Technology Batteries we can offer a solution for your renewable energy storage system that features reliability and longevity.

Unlike some manufacturers who simply repackage existing battery products into a new array ands call it a solar line, we evaluated the market needs and developped an innovative line-up of storage battery products that provide best available power storage solutions for contemporary solar and wind power systems.

  • we have the most complete, dedicated range of Renewable Energy batteries as compared with other manufacturers
  • we have battery capacities that range from 18 to 3690 Ah
  • we have the recognition of Solar Technology batteries as “Best Available” and “Most Reliable” byserious RE system owners.

Solar Technology Batteries are Heavy Weight and that’s important !

Because “heavy” means energy dense plates that use more active lead materials. Heavier plates that use more lead materials are directly related to stronger battery performance and longevity.

So if the batteries look similar, batteries with more active lead material will last longer ! And that is why we are the industry leader in terms of lead content per ampere-hour of rated capacity !

No other renewable battery in the world can compete with the assured performance of the Solar Technology batteries.

In our range solar technology you can find 6 volt batteries, 12 volt batteries & 2 volt elements

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