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High Voltage ESS AQ-LITH® Container

AQ-LITH ESS Container

HIGH VOLTAGE AQ-LITH® ESS container with Sinexcel inverters and HV Pylontech batteries

  • LFP
  • Outdoor installation
  • Battery capacity 436 to 981 kWh
  • Quick installation
  • Built-in HVAC
  • Built-in fire suppression system
  • IP54
  • EMS included
AQ-LITH ESS Container

The battery

Use of the industrial HV Pylontech H32148-C modules with extended lifte time. The 23 modules are placed in serial to create 109 kWh per string. Several strings are placed in parallel to achieve the correct capacity.

Pylontech H32148-C
Brand Pylontech H32148-C
Technology LiFePO4 (LFP)
Capacity n x 109 kWh
Voltage 736V
Max. Voltage 513V
Min. Voltage 684V
Charge current 0,5C
Discharge current 0,5C
Recommended D.O.D. 90%
Warranty 10 years performance warranty or 5475 cycles EOL 70% or 7300 cycles EOL 65%
Expected life time Design life 15 years, 8000 cycles


The PCS consists of several Sinexcel 62,5 kW bidirectional inverters. These inverters are approved by Synergrid. The system has 8 free slots for Sinexcel inverters (up to 500kW). For some situations, these slots can be used for DC/DC MPPT to create a hybrid inverter. The system can be easily linked via the supply and an Ethernet cable to the ASBC coupled to an NOK.

Brand Sinexcel
Power n x 62,5 kW
Voltage range 360 – 440VAC
Frequency range 45 – 55Hz
Conversion efficiency ≥ 97%
Wiring 3 phase without N
Warranty 2 years defective warranty
STS Excl.


Compact container with seperate compartments for PCS and for battery strings. Structure in powder-coated galvanized sheet metal with insulated panels. IP54 protection rating.The system has also a built-in fire suppression system (ABC powder based) and an airconditioning for cooling (to guarantee an extended cycle life) and for heating in case of freezing temperatures. Prewired and pre-assembled.


The concept of this container allows a very fast installation. As preparation, a concrete base, power cable, grid decoupling device and ethernet connection need to be foreseen. The container can be installed directly from truck to concrete base. An engineer from Battery Supplies will help to connect the battery and start up the


The transformer unit is an optional unit but required for off-grid situations and backupsituations (grid breakdown).


This battery will be delivered with an EMS for selfconsumption, peak-saving and opportunities in day-ahead prices. For the moment, no control for imbalance is possible. Excl required power measurement system.

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