With the Copper Stretch Metal battery, the negative grid plate consists entirely of copper.

Copper has a better electrical conductivity which is 10 x higher than lead!

The Copper Stretch Metal technology can work under extreme temperatures.
Thanks to its higher energy content, it can offer longer operating times. The CSM battery can be charged quickly thanks to its low internal resistance. This gives the battery a longer service life than standard batteries.

Technical features and benefits

  • 2 Shift operation with opportunity charging in combination with acid circulation = less battery changes – more autonomy – increased lifetime
  • Lower Internal Resistance (-15%)
  • Higher Energy Efficiency, both when charging and discharging
  • Higher Energy Content (longer working shift)
  • Increased Capacity
  • Better charge acceptance – reduced heat development & energy loss – longer service life
  • Fast and opportunity charging (intermediate charge)
  • This exceptional battery comes in the color RAL 3001
Tractiebatterij batterie traction battery Antrieb CSM


Heavy-duty applications, Forklift high-rack (12m), Pallet jack, AGV, Cold storage

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