laders chargers chargeurs

For each battery there’s also an appropriate charger. The quality of this device is very important for the operation of the battery. As a user, you want your batteries to have the best performance and lifespan.

Each battery charger has a specific charging method, this determines how much and how long electricity is supplied and what needs to be done after charging. This method depends on the type of battery (GEL, AGM, Lithium-Ion, Pure Lead, …). Some batteries are very sensitive to overcharging and may be damaged by this, other batteries must be reused fast after charging.

Different types

We have basic battery chargers that simply do what is asked of them and can be used with one type of battery. Up to complex battery chargers with all kinds of protective properties against overcharging, short circuit and settings for different battery technologies.

Different types of batteries also means a different kind of charger: smart chargers, traditional and high-frequency, built-in chargers …

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