The Ex-proof batteries are produced in accordance with the directive 2014/34/EU in IECEx certification scheme and fulfill the applicable requirements of directive
harmonized standards EN/IEC 60079-0, 60079-7 and 60079-31.

The cable connection ends are protected by a connection system of certified type according to one of the type of protection intended by the ATEX and IECEx, respectively for group I and group II. Moreover, in case of use in uni-polar or bipolar connectors, these are non-interchangeable.

All accessories used, must be ceritifed according to IEC 60079-0, IEC 60079-7 and IEC 60079-31 Standards.

Technical features and benefits

  • Maximum voltage: from 12 to 400V
  • Maximum power: 155kW
  • Maximum cell’s capacity: 46 to 1860 Ah
  • Maximum dischrge current: 0,2 x cell’s capacity C5
  • Type of protection: “e” “tb”
  • Ambient temperature: from -20°C to 40 °C
  •  Electrolyte density by 30°C: 1,29 ± 0,01 kg/l.
  • Weight tolerance is ± 5%
Tractiebatterij batterie traction battery Antrieb Ex-proof


Mining, Pharma & chemical industry, Petrochemistry, Storage depot

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