SQUARE batteries are designed to deliver more power and longer run time comparing to conventional lead-acid batteries and are perfect choice to meet the needs of heavy-duty applications.

SQUARE POSITIVE TUBULAR PLATE design allows more active material surface area to be exposed to electrolyte with higher specific gravity which leads to increased power and prolonged run time of the battery compared to conventional lead-acid batteries with round tube design.

Prolonged run time on each battery charge means fewer battery charge required and less need of spare batteries.

Technical features and benefits

  • Suitable for heavy-duty applications
  • Increased capacity in standard cell design/volume
  • More active material on positive plates
  • More power due to bigger plate surface compared to standard round tube design
  • More positive active material surface area exposed to electrolyte with higher specific gravity
  • Plates can sustain higher levels of voltage throughout the discharge cycle
  • Higher robustness of the plates
  • Prolonged run time of the forklift within one cycle –fewer spare batteries needed
  • Special chargers equipped with faster customized charging profiles allow also opportunity charging
  • The chargers with specific charge curves allow to charge faster and to make intermediate charges PzSQ charge with 20A/100Ah (Standard PzS: 16A/100Ah)
  • Prolonged cycle life based on robust plate construction
Tractiebatterij batterie traction battery Antrieb Square


Heavy-duty applications, Forklift high-rack (12m)

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