US Deep Cycle

Crown deep-cycle


  • Open lead acid batteries
  • Deep discharges
  • Up to 1000 cycles (depending on model)

Since 1926 Crown Battery has responded to the “power” challenges and individual needs of industry leaders with the best available products and services in the field of heavy-duty commercial US Deep Cycle batteries. A company-wide dedication to quality control and continual improvement has earned Crown Battery the highest quality and service rating in the industry.

Crown US Deep Cycle batteries are a necessity for applications which require deep discharges of the batteries, like electrical scissor lifts, aerial devices, industrial cleaning machines, …

Crown batteries uses high density oxide to create a firmer cohesion of the active material, which results in a longer battery life in spite of deep discharges!


  • Improved charging acceptance
  • Improved discharge performance
  • Improved life expectancy

Crown Deep  Cycle CR235 Discharge

Crown Deep Cycle Chart CR235


Crown Deep Cycle engineered

Crown’s modern one-piece solid-cast design provides a lower internal resistance so charging and discharging are optimum, providing a longer battery life. Dense TBLS (tetra-basic lead sulfate) crystal content in the positive plate ensures more resistance to breakdown for longer life and consistent performance.

Crown Deep Cycle quality

Crown’s Quality System is ISO-9001:2008 certified, meaning we have the capability to design, develop and build best-available battery products that work better and last longer. Crown Battery’s quality system identifies key metrics such as customer satisfaction, process management, and process results analysis to drive continuous improvement.

Crown Deep cycle construction

Crown Battery’s SLI and Industrial battery products feature modern in-line solid-cast construction with precision automated welds that ensure best-available performance and reliability while our signature Posi-Wrap™ Plate-protection feature enables advanced protection from short-circuits and mossing to deliver unmatched longevity and durability. Compare Crown to the competition…there’s really no comparison.

Crown Deep Cycle Crystal content

Dense TBLS (tetra-basic lead sulfate) crystal content in the positive plate ensures more resistance to breakdown for longer life and consistent performance.

Crown Heavy Weight

Our advanced automated assembly processes consistently deliver best-available performance, reliability and return on investment. Combine these features with Crown Battery’s total commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction and you’ve got a battery that’s going to last longer and perform like no other.

Automatic filling systemOptional: Automatic water filling system

While charging, the water in the battery will be converted into oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis. Resulting in a decrease of water level in the battery, a major cause of early defects. Thanks to our automatic water filling system, you don’t have to worry about manualy filling all you batteries.

Save time, batteries and money!


Corrosion and damage of the terminals result in bad performances of the battery and the device. The most frequent problems issue from bad maintenance, exposure to acid, vibrations and a bad manipulation of the battery.

Thanks to the new “UT = DT 1+8” terminals, all these problems are eliminated: the terminals are more robust and better resistant to corrosion and short-circuit.
With this new development, your deep cycle batteries will perform better and have a longer life span in the worst working conditions!

SnapCapTM Vents

One-piece Design, now Available on Crown 6- & 12-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries

The New Convenience:

Crown Battery will begin producing our range of high capacity 6- and 12-volt deep cycle batte- ries with the company’s proprietary one-piece SnapCap vent component.

The SnapCap vent component delivers a number of major benefits to battery owners and users:

  • A highly convenient one-piece locking vent component that makes battery inspection easier and more efficient.
  • The SnapCap utilizes a lock-in base that secures the vent to the cell opening by manual compression. Installation is fast and easy and does not require tightening of the vent after installation.
  • The SnapCap design includes a low-profile and multiple safety features that makes it one of the safest vents on the market.
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