Forklift truck

Battery Supplies is thé partner for forklift batteries.

Own assembly

A whole team is ready to put together a custom battery for you. All necessary elements are first picked and then taken to 1 of the 4 assembly units. There the battery is assembled by an experienced employee who places the cells in the container through an ergonomic crane. In the next step, the cells are connected to each other, the automatic water filling system and the appropriate connector installed.


Our warehouse is always filled to the brim with all containers, 2v battery cells, filling systems and all accessories you can think of for traction batteries.
In this way we are able to get everything to the customer tailor-made and fast. You only need to provide the necessary information (dimensions, technology, filling system, voltage, capacity, …) and we will do the rest!

All technologies

Battery Supplies can supply traction batteries in all technologies: Open Lead Acid, Pure Lead Carbon, Gel, Lithium, Low maintenance, CSM, Square,…

Quality Control

Battery Supplies also has a special Quality Control service. Here, defective or poorly performing traction batteries of a forklift truck can be checked and repaired or replaced. Also traction batteries which had an ‘accident’ (for example: losing much electrolyte or sulphation) can in most cases be brought back into workable condition.

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