Front access – AGM

Front terminal AGM


  • 12 year Design Life (floating charge)
  • Operating temperature -15°C ~ 55°C
  • Improved charge acceptance
  • Low-self discharge rate (≤ 3%)
  • Good recovery ability after deep discharge
  • High corrosion resistant performance
  • Valve Regulated design, no free liquid electrolyte, Maintenance-free
  • Special lead plaster and gel electrolytes for improving battery charging performance

Our Front Terminal batteries are specially designed for telecom applications, floating charge design life can reach 12 years.

It adopts a special paste formula to improve battery charge acceptance. By stable performance and good consistency, it is a type of reserve power battery suitable for the application of outdoor telecommunication and other backup power supply.

The design of a long & narrow structure and front terminal make it easy to be installed and maintained.

The front terminal AGM battery, designed for telecommunication applications with a floating life of up to 12 years, uses thickened 3D curved plates with special paste formula and latest AGM technology.

It offers stable performance and good consistency and is suitable for outdoor telecommunication and other backup power applications.


  • Narrow structure and front terminal design, suitable for 19- inch and 23-inch standard cabinets
  • High corrosion resistant performance: Pb-Ca multi-alloy grid
  • Excellent charge acceptance ability
  • Excellent deep cycle discharge capability
  • Strong high and low temperature performance
  • Precision sealing technology
  • Long life
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