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Split High Voltage ESS AQ-LITH® cabinet

High Voltage AQ-LITH cabinet

SPLIT HIGH VOLTAGE AQ-LITH® ESS cabinet with Sinexcel inverters and CATL cells

  • Outdoor Installation
  • CATL LFP cells
  • Modular design
  • Space-saving
  • Suitable for harsh environments (IP55)
  • Fire suppression system built-in
  • Easy installation
  • Plug-and-play
  • Cloud-based monitoring
High voltage AQ-LITH Cabinet Battery

The battery

The standard High Voltage ESS AQ-LITH® cabinet contains 15 battery modules with CATL-cells (A-brand) with long cycle life. The battery cabinets are delivered as complete unit, no module assembly needed on the field. The cabinet has an airco-system, controlled by the temperature sensors on the cell, thus allowing an extended life time. The airco-system will heat the cabinet in case of freezing temperatures. Incl a fire surpression system. The battery cabinets can be placed in parallel to achieve a higher capacity.

AQ-LITH Cabinet parts
Brand AQ-LITH® based on CATL LFP-cells
Technology LiFePO4 (LFP)
Capacity 215 kWh
Voltage 768V
Max. voltage 864V
Min. voltage 648V
Charge current 0,5C
Discharge current 0,5C
Operating temperature -20 ~ +45°C
Protection IP55 – placement outside is allowed without shelter
Weight 2 ton
Dimensions 1200x1000x2100mm h (incl. airco)
Warranty 5 years defective warranty (10 years optional)
10 years performance warranty or 6000 cycles EOL 70% DOD 90%
Expected life time Design life 15 years, 8000 cycles


Each High Voltage ESS AQ-LITH® cabinet system has one power cabinet with several Sinexcel 62,5 kW bidirectional inverters. These inverters are approved by Synergrid. The system has 8 free slots for Sinexcel inverters (up to 500kW). The PCS cabinet is delivered as complete unit, no assembly needed. All cables between batteries and PCS are included. The system has no automatic grid decoupling device. The inverter must be controlled by an AQ-SMART® EMS.

High voltage AQ-LITH Cabinet
Brand Sinexcel
Power n x 62,5 kW
Voltage range 360 ~ 440VAC
Frequency range 45 ~ 55Hz
Wiring 3 phase without N
Warranty 3 years defective warranty (Standard Sinexcel warranty)
Protection IP55 – placement outside is allowed without shelter
Dimensions 1900x1150x2300mm h
Weight 0,8 tons
STS Excl.


  • Increased selfconsumption
  • Opportunities in day-ahead prices
  • Grid support (imbalance market )
  • Peak shaving
  • Power expansion in case of limited power access ( as EV charging stations)
  • Back-up unit in case of grid breakdown
  • Off-grid system (ex hybrid generator )


The concept of these cabinets allows a very fast installation. As preparation, a concrete base, power cable, grid decoupling device and ethernet connection need to be foreseen. The battery and power cabinets can be installed directly from truck to concrete base. An engineer from Battery Supplies will help to connect the battery modules and start up the system.


The transformer unit is an optional unit but required for off-grid situations and backup-situations (in case of grid breakdown). The transformer unit is a seperat cabinet.


This battery can be controlled with the AQ-SMART® YUSO EMS. This EMS is used for increased self-consumption and dynamic prices. This controller is compatible with the YUSO-platform.In case of opportunities on the imbalance  market, the battery will be used for support on the imbalance market and allows extra savings. To allow this function, a contract with YUSO as energy aggregator is required. Check if YUSO is active in your country.

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