GEL Cyclic

Dyno Europe GEL


  • Longer lifespan: up to 700 cycles
  • Recovers totally from deep discharges, even when the battery isn’t recharged immediately
  • Perfect for cyclic use with daily charges/discharges
  • Perfect performances with long-lasting discharges
  • Resists better with higher temperatures
  • Sulfation (stratification) is impossible thanks to the gel
  • Limited self-discharge
  • Accepts the charge better thanks to the lower intern resistance
  • Can be discharged, even when it isn’t fully charged, without capacity loss
  • Maintenance-free

GEL batteries are cyclic just like AGM batteries completely closed and maintenance free. As the name gives away, gel is added to the acid. Thus the electrolyte forms in a gel-like substance that can not leak.

Due to this method of construction, the battery is leak-proof and no gas can form during normal use. The small amount of gas that can be generated is flown back to the electrolyte, just as with AGM batteries. This way, the battery never needs to be refilled and it should not be ventilated.

GEL batteries are more expensive than AGM batteries but they also have a longer life. They can tolerate more loads.

GEL battery : Cycli vs. D.o.D.

cycles vs DOD GEL
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