PzS & PzB

Our 2V cells and traction batteries are the most representative solution offered for our customers in the material handling industry. They are the proven vented solution with excellent reliability and long service life, using premium quality materials. The cell design, state of the art production equipment and premium quality materials provide high end performance, excellent reliability and long service life.

Our PzS & PzB cell ranges, fully comply to the IEC 60254-1/2, DIN 43531, DIN 43535, DIN 43536, DIN 43537, EN 62485-3 standards and are available in DIN dimensions, ensuring full compatibility and flexibility for all battery applications. Positive tubular plate diameter 8.7 mm (more active material!), specific gravity
of the electrolyte 1.29kg/l..

Technical features and benefits

  • High capacity (exceed nominal values of international standards)
  • Resistance to vibrations
  • Short charging times
  • Low consumption of distilled water
  • Simple maintenance
  • High performance, reliability and long service life
  • High energy density
  • Robust and durable construction
  • High quality raw materials and components
  • Recyclable
Tractiebatterij batterie traction battery Antrieb Open Lead acid Open loodzuur PzS PzB


Forklifts, Industrial cleaning machines, Pallet jack, Access equipment, AGV, Marine, GSE

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