Renewable energy storage

Battery Supplies has been investigating lithium options in aftermarkets for years. This has led to a new range of home and industrial batteries for renewable energy storage. In order to optimize the latter, a cooperation with Yuso has been established. Yuso takes care of the exchange of renewable energy between different parties.

Thanks to the brand new home batteries ‘AQ-LITH® Energybox’ of 3 – 5 and 7 kWh, you can make more use of your own energy produced by solar panels. Moreover, these home batteries are also eligible for subsidies (in Flanders, Belgium).

We also have an answer for larger-scale projects. The robust industrial battery for renewable energy storage. The battery designed and assembled by Battery Supplies stores excess energy from the solar panels and wind turbines and returns it later when production needs it. Yuso takes care of the intelligent control of the battery and inverter. Yuso determines when and how much the battery will be charged and discharged, based on current and future parameters such as energy consumption, own production, energy prices, weather forecasts… Thanks to this intelligent control, the battery is used optimally and will therefore be reimbursed even faster. 

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