Renewable energy storage

Pylontech EnergyRack 77kwh



29, 48, 67, 77,… up to 308 kWh

Batteries for green renewable energy are important in the energy transition and the reduction of energy costs. These batteries for industrial use will increase the self-consumption but also reduce peak consumption. The battery can be equipped with a compatible EMS for opportunity charging if the prices on spot or imbalance market are interesting.


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AQ-LITH® EnergyBox

3, 5, 7 to 14 kWh

We offer 3 types of EnergyBox batteries, according to your energy consumption: 3, 5 and 7kWh. These batteries can also be connected in parallel up to 14kWh.

Pylontech EnergyRack module

Pylontech® EnergyRack module

5 kWh

US5000 is the latest Pylontech 48V LFP battery with bigger capacity at 4.8kWh modular.

Pylontech EnergyRack

Pylontech® EnergyRack cabinet

15 and 20 kWh

EnergyRack cabinet with space for 3 or 4 Pylontech US5000 modules

For professional use

The use of batteries for storing renewable energy for industry has been growing enormously in recent years. This is influenced by regulations, rising energy prices and grid costs, outdated grid infrastructure, power shortages due to large consumers and growing ecological awareness. These batteries are recovered in the following three areas:

Renewable energy - Opslag van hernieuwbare energie The excess of solar or wind energy is stored and later used in case of shortages. This increases the company’s own consumption and less energy is injected and taken from the grid. This decrease is the most important profit factor of the battery.
Renewable energy - Opslag van hernieuwbare energie Companies are heavily penalized financially for their peak consumption. A battery controlled by an intelligent EMS (Energy Management System) can smooth out these peaks (peak-shaving).
Renewable energy - Opslag van hernieuwbare energie Energy prices react very erratically to general consumption, but also to the presence of sun and wind. This battery can store cheap energy from the grid to use itself at peak moments when energy is more expensive again. Optionally, with the addition of a dedicated EMS, key opportunities in the imbalance market can be taken advantage of.

This battery is particularly interesting for companies

  • with a sufficiently large installation of solar panels (30 – 500 kW peak)
  • with an annual consumption of 30 to 500.000 kWh
  • with sufficient consumption after solar hours, e.g. in the case of several shifts or cooling groups, etc.


In addition to a pure technical controller named AQ-Smart® Multi-EnergyRack, we offer additional options to optimize the battery and achieve faster payback. We recommend upgrading to an intelligent controller.

On the one hand, you can implement the AQ-Smart® Dynamic and Multi-EnergyRack controls to take advantage of Day- Ahead pricing. In cooperation with any variable energy contract, this control via the Internet link will ensure additional optimization.

If you want to fully optimize battery control and reduce payback time, we recommend the AQ-Smart® Yuso® Inside (Only in BENELUX and UK), Dynamic and Multi-EnergyRack as the absolute ultimate. This regulates battery charging and discharging via algorithms based on energy prices, weather forecast and its own consumption pattern. The AQ-Smart Yuso® Inside control works in conjunction with an energy contract through aggregator Yuso® and combines Day-Ahead prices with imbalance market opportunities.

For private use

Store your solar energy with a home battery from Battery Supplies. Increase your self-consumption and therefore save on electricity costs. Thanks
to a home battery, you can quickly increase your self-consumption by 30%. In addition, this battery can also help smooth out your peak consumption or even store cheap energy from the grid at night rate if you connect it to an external EMS (Energy Management System).

We offer 3 types of EnergyBox home batteries, to be selected according to your energy consumption: 3, 5 and 7kWh. These home batteries can also be connected in parallel up to 14kWh.
The EnergyBox consists of LiFePO4 cells: this ensures an increased lifespan and a high degree of safety.

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