Negative Plate in Copper!

Copper = up to 10 times more conductive than lead!

What it offersCSM

  • More power for accelerating and lifting (high current demands)
  • More productivity:
    • More energy for longer running time (high energy content)
    • Longer operational life (low operating temperature)
    • Fast charging (charge efficiency)
    • Opportunity charging ability -> less battery changes
  • Higher energy cost savings (excellent energy efficiency)
  • Ability to operate under extreme conditions. (i.e Cold storage /outdoor applications – excellent performance in low temperatures and generally in difficult applications)


  • Cold storage / Outdoor applications
  • High rack facilities with more lifting demands
  • Heavy duty applications with demanding accelerations periods
  • Multi-shift applications with one battery through fast and opportunity charging
  • Seasonal business with high activity peaks

Complete battery features

Available versions

Features Standard version Advanced version Advanced+ version
Airlift no yes yes
Aquafilling no no yes
Fast charge no yes yes
Operating time +5% +5% +5%
Energy content higher* higher* higher*
Internal resistance up to -15% up to -15% up to -15%
Watering time normal normal up to 5 times faster

Fast chargingCSM

  • CSM batteries can be recharged in 4 hours due to excellent charge acceptance which leads to lower temperatures during charge and reduced energy losses.
  • FILON FUTURE chargers with special fast charge curve and suitable programming enable fast and opportunity charging.
  • The charger should be equipped with airlift, in order to prevent the stratification of the electrolyte and with automatic temperature compensation to adjust charging current when the electrolyte temperature is being increased.
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