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Monobloc traction

Traction monobloc


  • Premium tubular plate construction with free electrolyte ensure a long service life
  • High discharge discharge
  • Perfect solution for applications that are used in difficult working conditions
  • Reliable and sustainable
  • Up to 1200 cycles


Monobloc traction batteries must be able to provide a constant current over a long period of time. The open lead acid batteries do require some attention to maintenance, such as topping up the cells. This can be time consuming and should not be forgotten, to help you with this, we also offer an automatic filling system (see below for more information). The positive plates of the monobloc traction batteries are specially made of tube plates instead of flat plates.

Monobloc batteries combine a very high capacity with a maximum lifespan of 1200 cycles. This long life is due to the tubes of plates.

Automatic filling systemOptional: automatic water filling system

During charging, water in the battery is converted into oxygen and hydrogen by electrolysis. Resulting in a decrease in water level in the battery, a major cause of early defects. Thanks to our automatic water filling system, you do not have to worry about manually filling all your batteries.

Save time, batteries and money!

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