NiCd series


  • Powerful assurance critical applications
  • Future-proof construction
  • Best for engines – Perfect for UPS
  • Reliable in all conditions
  • Predictable cost and long life
  • Battery sizing made easy
  • Original equipment or replacement
  • Up to 2500 cycles (60% D.o.D.)


NiCd M-Series (Medium Discharge Rate Cells)

M-Series Medium Discharge Rate nickel cadmium battery is made of pocket plate. The battery is suitable for medium discharge periods between 30 minutes and 5 hours such as standby for UPS, gas turbine control. etc. Our NiCd M series batteries offer long-lasting low-current discharges, but if necessary they can also cause long-term discharges with average power. This is also the reason why they are recommended for use in electrical transport as a source of power supply for the engine. For example, when a mining locomotive starts driving with fully loaded carts or when a forklift truck has to lift a heavy weight off the ground.

NiCd battery: Cycles vs. D.o.D.

cycles vs DoD niCd
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