Measurement & test equipment

meet-en testapparatuur Appareils de mesure et de test Mess- und Testgeräte

It is important that a battery always delivers the best performance and is in good condition. Should you notice that this is not the case, it goes without saying that you can test and measure the battery before you buy a new model.

Measuring is knowing

In our range of measurement and testing equipment you will certainly find the appropriate device to test your battery and take further steps:

  • Digital clamp multimeter
  • Electronic battery tester
  • Battery impedance tester
  • Volttester
  • Acid hydrometer
  • Digital multimeter
  • Thermal imaging scanner
  • Digital hydrometer
  • Acid tester
  • Discharge tester
  • Conductivity tester
  • Capacity tester
  • Battery analysis device
  • AQ-TRON discharge capacity tester
  • Battery capacity tester

A complete overview of our measurement and testing equipment can be found in our catalogue, please send us an e-mail if you have any questions.

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