NiFe alkaline series

NiFe Alkaline


  • Environment friendly
  • Longer cycle life
  • Abnormal operation acceptable
  • Harsh environment no problem
  • High / low temperature no problem
  • True 20+ years design life
  • 1,2V cells
  • Up to 2500 cycles (70% D.o.D.)

These NiFe batteries are standby batteries especially designed for photovoltaic systems. It is made out of Nickel hydroxide and iron oxide plates. The wide operating temperature range and long cycle life (max. service life can reach 20 years or more, if operated correctly) are some of the benefits besides low maintenance.


Our NiFe rechargeable battery has many benefits of low operation cost, low self-discharge, long cycling life, environment-friendly, … They also withstand temperatures from -20°C to 60°C, mechanical and electrical abuses and deep discharges. There is no acid so the battery will not corrode and it will still work after being discharged for longer time.

NiFe battery: Cycles vs. D.o.D.

Cycles vs DoD NiFe

Main ranges of application

Thanks to the outstanding characteristics, the NiFe batteries are replacing the lead-acid batteries in a wide range of applications, especially for solar PV and renewable energy power systems. Suitable for commercial and residential buildings, railway and light trains (crossing gates, lighting & signage), navigation aids like remote lighthouses, beacons, offshore. Also utilities like electric power supply for remote areas and islands can use these batteries. Likewise oil and gas fields (emergency lighting on offshore platforms and cathodic protection for pipelines) and telecommunication systems (base stations, radio repeaters, emergency telephones, …) Speaking of a wide range of applications!


  • Long cycle life
  • Low operation cost
  • Environmentally friendly (no lead, cadmium or acid) & recyclable
  • Almost no possibility of burning or thermal runway
  • High safety, high reliability, low maintenance
  • Higher charge ration and utilization ratio
  • Easy to transport & install in remote and harsh areas
  • No corrosion, no risk of “sudden death”

Cost effectiveness

Though NiFe batteries have a higher initial investment cost, the maintenance and replacement cost factors can greatly outweigh this higher inital cost. With low maintenance cost and long life cycle NiFe batteries are cheaper in the long-term (lower TCO).

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