AQ-LITH Lithium li-ion


  • Longer lifespan: up to 4000 cycles (80% D.o.D., depending on model)
  • High energy density
  • Excellent performance when charging and discharging
  • Lower self-discharge
  • Unlimited intermediate charging = no battery change needed
  • Lightweight

The most reliable Lithium-Ion batteries on the market

Our LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries have been developed for cyclic applications, where batteries are often recharged and discharged. LiFePO4 is the battery technology of the future, especially for cyclic applications where light weight, high currents and a large number of cycles are important!

Lithium-Ion Drop-in replacement: 12 – 24 -48VAQ-LITH dropins

Our Lithium-Ion drop-in replacement batteries can directly replace your current SLA batteries in many applications. They have an excellent lifespan of up to 2000 cycles. These maintenance-free batteries have the same dimensions as SLA batteries but are much lighter (up to 70% lighter) and have much better performance and economic life. The Lithium-Ion drop-in replacement batteries are extremely safe: they can charge quickly without overheating and gasification, they are also protected against overload and full discharge thanks to the built-in BMS.

Also from an ecological point of view, there are only advantages: these batteries contain no acid, no lead and no other toxic substances.

P-series: IP66LI-Ion P series

  • LiFePO4 batteries
  • Aluminum housing
  • IP66 – dustproof and water resistant
  • Attention to safety
  • High peak discharge capability
  • Bolt holes on the side to secure the battery
  • Indicator on the battery (voltage, current and SOC)
  • Possibility of a 2nd external indicator

WATERPROOF – Ideal for marine

No connection in series allowed Parallel connection is allowed, but please contact us for more information & usage instructions

Modular Lithium-Ion blocks: series and parallel connectionLithium-ion li-ion


Our technical team is there to help you with your customized projects or to offer you a solution for your electrical product! Together we look for the best solution, taking into account the requirements of the product, suitable technology, dimensions and weight, the shape of the required battery, …

Whether for a series production of your product or a specific project tailored for one of your customers, you can always count on a full technical backup. Our technical team consists of technical calculators, engineers, designers and technical purchasers to provide you with the best possible solution.

With our Lithium-Ion M-series serial circuits can be made and the M + series can be made both serial and parallel circuits. Each block is separately controlled by a built-in BMS, the entire group is also controlled by an external BMU.

Lithium-Ion insert batteries Lithium Insert batterijen AQ-LITH® insert batteries

Our AQ-LITH® insert batteries are designed to fit most electric pallet trucks, stackers and order pickers. Thanks to opportunity charging and an integrated charger, they bring increased uptime and greater charging convenience. Another great advantage is the integrated BMS System, the BMS system makes it possible to cut down costs by constantly monitoring the battery status which boosts forklift uptime without risking the battery operation life.

We have 2 models: 24V 100Ah and 24V 200Ah.

Custom build Lithium-Ion batteries with own Battery management system (BMS)AQ-LITH custom traction

Do you need a special Lithium-Ion battery for a specific application? No problem! Give us the desired voltage (12, 24, 48, 80, … volts), the required capacity and the dimensions and Battery Supplies makes a unique battery. For this we use 3V cells and our own developed BMS.

We supply a range of next generation, proven Battery Management Systems that will work for all high-power lithium batteries commonly used in a range of Electric Vehicle (and other) applications.
They are highly configurable in both hardware and software, allowing a range of battery systems from a few cells up to hundreds of cells. The modular design allows systems to be easily expanded with your needs, reconfiguring as required.

Custom smaller Lithium-Ion battery packs:

Battery packs op maat

We can also offer you special customized battery packs according to your specifications:

  • Li-NMC-O2 or LiFePO4
  • Cylindrical or pouch cells
  • Voltage <48V
  • Capacity up to 40Ah
  • Different C-rates (for storage of energy or power applications)
  • Built-in protective PCB, cell balancing
  • Dimensions according to request
  • Soft PVC or aluminum housing
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