Alarm systems

A reliable stationary battery is crucial for alarm systems. The entire system needs to have a good back-up system for when the main power fails. This is the only way to guarantee a minimum level of safety. We offer you our DSW range for alarm systems. This range consists of the 6 most frequently used dimensions and capacities.

A very important characteristic of the stationary batteries is that they are maintenance free. The batteries are often installed in places that are not being checked frequently, so that an interim maintenance of the batteries would soon be forgotten. This would cause the batteries to break down too quickly, which is why one opts for a maintenance free battery. Another important advantage of this feature is that these batteries can not only be installed upright, but also in other positions.

In other words: Dyno Europe DSW batteries are not equipped with caps to refill the battery. Because of the recombination process, the water is converted to gas and gas to water again which makes refilling superfluous. But there is still gas formation inside of the battery. If it would happen that the batteries are being overcharged, the excess of gas can escape through the pressure relief valve.

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