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Aerial work platform

For an electric powered aerial work platform or scissor lift we offer cyclic batteries. Both open lead acid and sealed (maintenance free) batteries.

A scissor lift or aerial work platform raises you at the right workplace by pushing up a platform. There are devices that can take you to a small altitude. Also scissor lifts that can bring you to a large height difference. Electric aerial work platforms have batteries in the chassis, so the device can move sideways and steer the platform vertically.

Open lead acid batteries

In case you use open-lead acid batteries, regular maintenance should certainly not be forgotten. This will mainly be topping up the batteries.

Maintenance-free batteries

This type of battery is slightly higher in price, but on the other hand you don’t have to worry about regular maintenance.

You can contact us for all technologies, capacities and sizes for your aerial work platform battery. Whether it is for American models or for European, we have everything in stock. At Battery Supplies you can be sure of the best quality and service.

Crown Deep Cycle batteries

Crown deep-cycle

Since 1926 Crown Battery has responded to the “power” challenges and individual needs of industry leaders with the best available products and services in the field of heavy-duty commercial Deep Cycle batteries. A company-wide dedication to quality control and continual improvement has earned Crown Battery the highest quality and service rating in the industry.

Crown batteries uses high density oxide to create a firmer cohesion of the active material, which results in a longer battery life in spite of deep discharges!

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