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Cleaning machines

Industrial cleaning machines that work on batteries can no longer be missed in sectors such as health care, education, industry, … Thanks to the wireless technology, it has become easier and quicker to clean with these devices.

For industrial cleaning machines we offer different technologies of battery: traction, Deep-Cycle, AGM, GEL, Lead Carbon, Li-Ion, Pure Lead, ….

From 6 to 12V in all possible sizes. Which battery is best depends on many factors, such as budget, charging time, regular maintenance or would you prefer a maintenance-free battery?

Please contact us and together we will find the appropriate battery for your sweepers, scrubbers and industrial vacuum cleaners, …

Lead Carbon batteries: ideal for industrial cleaning machinesLead Carbon

The negative plates of these batteries are made from lead and carbon and thus combine the advantages of normal lead-acid batteries with those of a supercapacitor. The addition of carbon ensures that these batteries have a higher charge acceptance and therefore have to charge for less time than regular lead-acid batteries. Moreover, they provide more power and are more resistant to (extremely) low temperatures. By adding Lead (pb) to the negative plate there is also less resistance resulting in a longer life. In addition, this latest technology suppresses sulphation better than any other technology.


  • Maintenance free alternative for AGM & GEL
  • Better cycle life: > 1300 cycles (70% DoD) & up to 1000 cycles with 80% DoD
  • Excellent performance in (extreme) low temperatures
  • Price-friendly
  • Charging time: Charging time is shorter than normal AGM
  • Lead Carbon batteries can perfectly be used with good performance without being charged 100%
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