• Long cycle life:
    • RES OPzS: up to 2300 cycles for 2V cells & 2000 cycles for 6V & 12V blocks (60% DoD)
    • RES OPzV: up to 2500 cycles for 2V cells & 2000 cycles for 6V & 12V blocks (60% DoD)
  • Outstanding performance and reliability
  • Reduced / minimum maintenance cost
  • Operational safety
  • Complete & flexible energy storage solution
  • Optimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Ventilated tube plate batteries for renewable energy applications.

RES OPzS is a premium battery range, developed for applications requiring regular deep cycles. It is an energy-saving solution for energy storage with a lower cost per cycle, high reliability and excellent performance. Also for remote installations, where long discharges take place and the best charging properties are essential.

The optimal design, the exclusive use of high-quality materials, the robust construction and the advanced production processes make RES OPzS batteries the ideal solution for demanding applications for renewable energy storage.

RES OPzV brings you the same benefits as a RES OPzS battery, but they are also Valve Regulated GEL batteries. In other words maintenance-friendly batteries with a minimum of maintenance.

Outstanding performance and reliability
Products of optimum design made of high quality raw materials in European state-of-the-art production facilities and cumulative experience on advanced submarine battery manufacturing, ensure reliability in applications requiring high performance.

Minimum maintenance
Low maintenance design with reduced topping up requirements. Transparent container for easy visual electrolyte level monitoring.

Space optimization
Racks designed for optimal space utilization, quick installation and easy battery maintenance.

Design and production of customized products and services, high volume orders handling capability, fast delivery.

Operational safety
Extensive compliance testing performed under European and Global norms and verified by independent 3rd party certification agencies.

Complete battery solution
Complete and ready to install systems, batteries in filled and charged or dry charged state with all the necessary accessories. Extensive range of adding value products and services.

Experienced pre-sales and after sales support with Battery Supplies.

Optimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Low cost per cycle. Lifetime value maximized especially at hybrid systems where using batteries can greatly reduce the Genset daily run time resulting on fuel savings and less CO2 emission.

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