Battery plugs

batterijstekkers battery plugs

1 set of battery plugs, referred to as “battery connector”, basically consists of 3 battery plugs, 1 for the battery, 1 for the charger and 1 for the machine.

Types of connectors

1. EURO connector

With EURO connectors, a distinction is made between male and female battery connectors. A female connector, socket, for the battery and a male connector, for the machine and the charger. This way you will never be able to connect the charger directly to the machine.

To prevent you from connecting a 48V charger to a 24V battery, coding pins are used. This can be mounted in the plugs so that a battery connector with coding pin, only fits on a different battery connector where the coding pen was mounted in the same way. On each coding pen, there is an indication of the voltage that you can read on the plugs
There are also different colors of plugs that each provide an indication of the type of battery for which they are appropriate.

2 Color plug (SB-SBX-SBE)

With the color plugs there is no distinction between the male or female battery connector, there is only one type and it is both male and female. The advantage of this is that you can use the same battery connector for both the battery, charger and machine.

The voltage of a battery is indicated here by the color that the battery connector has. There is also a safety built-in so that a battery plug fits one color, not the other color.

Battery Voltage Color Plug
12V Yellow
18V Orange
24V Red
36V Grey
48V Blue
72V Green
80V Black
96V Brown
120V Violet

3 Wire section according to capacity

To obtain the best wire section for a battery, use the following table

– 250 25
250 – 500 35
500 – 750 50
750 70
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