Battery Supplies and Yuso supply mega battery for “Nieuwe Dokken” in Ghent

In cooperation with Battery Supplies NV from Deerlijk and Yuso BV from Waregem, Ducoop NV is taking a large battery system into use at the location of the new construction project “De Nieuwe Dokken” in Ghent. The system – AQ-LITH® ESS – has a capacity of 100 kW and 242 kWh and provides an optimal management of the energy flows within the new building project “De Nieuwe Dokken”. As one of the first community batteries, this project represents a milestone in the energy scene.


For a while now, a new project on “De Nieuwe Dokken” has been under construction in the north of Ghent.  The urban project consists of approximately 400 new apartments located on the Schipperskaai, with a view on the water.  The project is based on the latest techniques to ensure the sustainability and comfort of the new district.  The good connections of this new neighborhood – in fact of this new district in itself – with the rest of the Artevelde city, are one of its most important assets.

Not only the urban character of this new building project appeals to the imagination, but also the latest techniques used for the residents in terms of water purification, heat recovery and energy use. For the “De Nieuwe Dokken” project, DuCoop CV took care of the implementation of real cutting-edge technology in order to make the project as energy efficient as possible for all the residents together.  For example, all biodegradable waste as well as waste water is processed into reusable water, biogas and a fertilizer, but the residual heat is also extracted to provide heating for the houses.

In order to provide sufficient heat, for example during periods of cold, a heat network was also installed up to the soap manufacturer Christeyns further down the street.  The hot process water (60 degrees or more) that would otherwise have been cooled to the atmosphere is thus recovered for heating purposes.  The purified water from “De Nieuwe Dokken” is also sent in the other direction to Christeyns, where it is used as process water.


Also in the field of energy, the construction project “De Nieuwe Dokken” is equipped with the latest gadgets, such as a large installation of solar panels.  Battery Supplies NV from Deerlijk supplied Ducoop with a large Lithium-ion battery, which was recently put into use, in order to match the supply and demand of electricity.

Peter De Smet (Ducoop)

“This battery allows us to recover as much locally produced energy as possible for the benefit of the “De Nieuwe Dokken” project. We have chosen for this solution based on the many years of experience that Battery Supplies has in the field of battery assembly”. According to Peter De Smet.

For Battery Supplies, the realization of this storage project also means a new chapter, according to Alexander De Soete (Battery Supplies):

“The technique of energy storage does not stand still: In the 20 years of existence of Battery Supplies we have closely followed the latest developments and this project is a milestone for us. The energy transition requires more and more that the consumption of electricity is tuned to its production, it used to be the other way around. The flexibility of our storage system based on lithium-ion is, in our opinion, the right answer to this challenge, which, moreover, has a bright future in store”.

For the smart control interface Battery Supplies worked together with Yuso BV from Waregem.  Michel Verschuere (Yuso) explains:

“The strength of an energy storage solution is closely linked to the way it is used within a company, or in this case for the residential community of 400 units. Its main role is to efficiently manage all energy sources in order to maximise self-use. In addition, a storage system such as the one set up here behind the meter, can also respond to seeming opportunities in the market, which is an additional advantage, and smart algorithms and controls play a decisive role in this”.

Team Ducoop

About Ducoop:

DuCoop is a cooperative company, founded in 2017, of which all residents of “De Nieuwe Dokken” are cooperative. The initiator is Peter De Smet of Clean Energy Invest, an investment fund that focuses on innovative renewable energy projects. Together with some other impact investors, they have implemented pioneering innovations in the field of sustainable living in this new district of Ghent.

Alexander De Soete & Hans Weyme, Battery Supplies managers

About Battery Supplies:

Battery Supplies is active in the distribution and assembly of all types of batteries, battery systems, chargers and accessories. The company was founded in 1999 by Alexander De Soete & Hans Weyme and now has 90 employees. Battery Supplies is active all over Europe, the head office and the 10.000m² large warehouses are located in Deerlijk.

Michel Verschuere, manager Yuso

About Yuso:

Yuso is an energy market player active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. The company was founded mid 2012 by Bart Pycke and Michel Verschuere. Yuso’s services include purchase and sales contracts (injection) for electricity, but also services in the field of flexibility and the realisation and operation of energy storage projects large and small. The company has ten employees and is based in Waregem.

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