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Get a quote for all possible configurations and traction technologies.

Traction cells already exist in different technologies, these are: Open Lead Acid, Low Maintenance, Pure Lead Carbon, Gel, CSM, Square and Lithium-Ion :

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Battery Supplies is your one-stop-partner for everything that has to do with traction batteries. From a new battery with all possible accessories (automatic filling system, chargers, etc.), periodic maintenance, to repairs of defective batteries.

Would you like a quick quote for your traction battery? We need the following information from you in order to be able to make a customized traction battery:

  • tractie traction open lead-acid
  • tractie low maintenance
  • CSM tractie traction
  • Square traction
  • AQ-LITH custom traction
  • tractie traction gel
  • Pure Lead Carbon traction

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