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Technical features & benefitstractie traction

  • The most representative solution portfolio offered to our customers in the Material Handling Industry
  • Lead Acid vented type batteries with liquid electrolyte
  • Advanced technology tubular positive plate
  • Full product range with dimensions according to international standards DIN/EN 60254-2
  • Capacity for DIN product range: 120-1550Ah and for BS product range: 110-1050Ah
  • Available both as 2V cells and as complete batteries with various voltages ranging from 12V to 96V

DIN design of cell and battery

More energy in the cells

Tubular plate design:

  • Excellent cycling performance, long service life

Alloy with optimized Sb (antimony) concentration:

  • Lower water consumption
  • Low temperature increase
  • High and stable final charging voltage

3D drawing and Detail X

  • Positive grid
  • Gauntlet
  • PAM/red lead
  • Bottom bar

Detail Y bottom bar and gauntlet fitment

Positive Active mass (g/Ah) optimum ratio

Reinforced non-woven polyester material with high fibers bonding and smaller pores size:

  • Excellent utilization of active material
  • Low active mass shedding
  • Reduced spine corrosion
  • Longer life and better performance
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • More secure fitment with gauntlet
  • Allows growth of positive spine into bottom bar’s cavity

Polyethylene roll separator with high porosity grade material envelopes the positive plates

Avoids short circuits, results in better ionic circulation and low internal resistance

Red Lead in-house production by Pure Lead 99,99%
Quality, homogeneity, performance

Dry Filling with Red Lead provides better initial capacity and performance
100% of nominal capacity in the first 3 -5 cycles

Pasted lead grid & high Negative Active Mass (NAM) design characteristics provide stability

Alloy with optimized Sb(antimony) concentration, lower water consumption, less corrosion

Optimized design of terminal module guarantees throughout the cell’s operational lifetime:

  • Operational safety
  • Perfect sealing
  • Low maintenance requirements

Insert diameter 16mm (vs. 14mm competition), leads to better current conductivity

Specially designed rubber washer seal, with specific hardness, acid resistant, is built in the lid and:

  • Prevents from any possible top lid cracks and acid leakage
  • During battery cyclic operation the positive plate expands. The expansion causes the pole to lift, thus tightening the sealing

Exclusive use of high quality raw materials and components

High efficiency during discharge period

  • Full compliance with international safety standards
  • Trays are made of steel, protected with plastic powder coating to prevent from corrosion (standard configuration)
  • DIN and non-DIN sizes, U, L, trapezoid shapes, standard RAL colors 7021, 9005, 1028
  • Small stock of DIN fast moving trays available at plant for short lead times
  • With electrolyte basket level marking
  • Allow escape of gases during charging process
  • Ensures optimum filling level of cells
  • Minimizes maintenance time
  • Reduces excessive labor cost
  • Optional
  • The cells are connected with fully insulated flexible cable connectors
  • Bolt-on connector design allows fast and easy cells replacement, thus reduce time and cost
  • Plastic-head connector bolt with voltage measurement ability

Available in following types:

  • EURO Type connectors according to DIN 43589
  • Flat pole connectors with colorcoding (SB – SBE – SBX)
  • A pump is used to circulate low-level compressed air into the cells and create a homogeneous electrolyte concentration throughout them
  • Optimum design and installation of tubes in cells for perfect sealing and efficient operation
  • The battery can be fully charged in 7 hour’s time
  • No significant increase of the cell’s temperature
  • The stratification of the electrolyte is prevented
  • Homogeneous density and temperature is achieved
  • The water consumption is reduced up to 60%, this extends the battery’s maintenance period
  • Overcharge coefficient is 70% lower energy consumption is reduced up to 20%
  • Longer cell life cycle is achieved due to the uniform decay of the plates
  • Top up of the battery’s cells from one central point through an integrated piping system
  • The automatic filling plugs ensure the optimum filling level of the cells


  • Minimization of the required maintenance time and cost
  • Monitors battery’s usage and maintenance
  • Measures performance and predicts when a battery needs replacement
  • Proactively identifies potential problems
  • Summary report of battery life can be downloaded manually or remote and includes:
    • Cycles
    • Opportunity charging
    • Voltage
    • Temperature
    • Electrolyte level
  • Benefits:
    • Fleet Management (Leasing, Rental services)
    • Reduces failure rate
    • Service tool
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