Battery for your EMC 110/B10 electric stacker

Looking for a battery for your EMC 110/B10 electric stacker?

DYN/DGY12-69EV uw Jungheinrich EMC 110/B10Our reference DYN/DGY12-69EV is the perfect battery for your Jungheinrich EMC 110/B10 electric stacker. We offer this battery at very attractive conditions and we have this model available from stock! There is no minimal order quantity.

Contact your contactperson at Battery Supplies or contact us through the contact form for more info and your personal price.

World-wide supplier of traction batteries and cells for forklifts !

Battery Supplies NV/SA ships yearly more than 150,000 traction cells to our customers! Our advantages?

* We sell both loose 2V cells and complete traction batteries. Our range includes PZS, PZB and PZV (gel) cells. We also offer complete batteries. If you have a request, please advise on brand and model of the forklift, the required voltage and capacity (Ah) and if possible the battery box dimensions.

* We have a very large stock available of both 2V cells and battery boxes which allows for a fast delivery. There is alo no minimal order quantity.

* Customers that buy directly from cell manufacturers often turn to us as a second supplier for our high level of flexibility, our large stocks and our interesting prices !

* Full commercial and technical support

* We also offer solutions for specific needs: Low Maintenance batteries, CSM (copper stretch metal) batteries, PureLead batteries and LiFePO4 batteries. Following overview explains in a nutshell the benefits of each technology!

* Additional features (aquamatic waterfilling system, acid circulation system, …) and chargers are also available.

Have you ever considered to equip your forklifts with LiFePO4 batteries ?

Looking for a solution that provides the longest battery lifetime, allows for intermediate charging without any problem and has the batteries recharged in a very short time? LiFePO4 technology offers all these benefits… and more!

With our AQLITH product Battery Supplies NV/SA offers a modular LiFePO4 solution based on our patented BMS system. Read more on the advantages of LiFePO4 technology for forklifts and material handling equipment and learn why our AQLITH solutions are the solution for your forklift!

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