AQ-LITH® EnergyRack

The AQ-LITH® EnergyRack battery is suitable for consumers with an annual consumption < 100 MWh/yr. This battery consists of multiple modules of 5kWh 48V and is installed in a sturdy closed cabinet with built-in air conditioning.

Ref. BAT/50223 BAT/50003
Battery type LiFePO4
Number of 5kWh modules BAT/50002 6 9
Nominal capacity (kWh) 30 46
Max. continuous load capacity (kW) 15 22.5
Max. continuous discharge power (kW) 15 22.5
Dimensions (mm) 900 x 1100 x 2100
Weight (kg) 556 700
Warranty 8 years
AQ-LITH Energyrack

Inverters and EMS

Together with the EnergyRack we offer a suitable kit with 3 inverters 5kVA, energy meters for the grid, control cables and other accessories.

BAT/49848 – Inverter kit

The inverter kit contains:
2 Multiplus II 5kVa inverters
1 Multiplus II 5kVa inverter with built-in GX control
1 Carlo Gavazzi EM24 energy meter for the grid
1 RS-485 – USB cable (1.8 meters)

Current transformers (5A)
Red & black 35mm² cables between battery and transformers – please send us your required length Please send us your required length so we can offer you the correct price.

BAT/50044 – EMS : yuso inside controller

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