Auto computer memory saver

Geheugenbeveiliging voor autocomputer Auto computer memory saver protection de mémoire pour l'ordinateur


  • Fast connection to the vehicle by OBDII cable & accessory outlet adapter
  • LED lights indicate the circuit with the ignitin on or off
  • State of charge indicator
  • Resettable fuse
  • 4.5Ah capacity, rechargeable sealed lead acid battery
  • Power on-off switch
  • Dimensions: L220 x W147 x H80 mm

Saves the vehicles on board diagnostic memory and other on-board memory components such as digital clocks, anti- theft radios, seats, radio presetes, mirrors, comfort settings etc. when the vehicle’s battery is removed or disconnected.

Included accessories:

  • OBDII cable
  • Accessory outlet adapter
  • AC charger
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