New range AQ-TRON Smart Chargers

Smart chargingAQ-TRON smart chargers slimme laders Chargeurs intelligents

These AQ-TRON smart chargers maximize the life of your battery through a series of 4 to 10 steps in a unique charging process, the chargers constantly monitor the condition of the battery. When required, they take appropriate action: desulphating, reviving, charging, conditioning and maintaining.

AQ-TRON smart chargers regulate the charge voltage to protect sensitive and expensive electronics. Some AQ-TRON chargers recondition and help revive deeply discharged batteries. Others even have a backup power supply mode, so you can change your vehicle’s battery without losing any program settings. Once the charger is connected, you can forget about how long the battery needs to be charged or whether it is sulphated. Our chargers take care of all this automatically. We call it “connect and forget”.

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