Lithium drop-in batteries, the ideal replacement for your lead-acid batteries

Our Lithium drop-in batteries are designed as a direct replacement for your lead-acid batteries.

If the technical specifications of our drop-in batteries match your requirements, then these drop-in batteries are the cheapest solution for your application.

• These LiFePO4 batteries can directly replace SLA batteries in many applications.
• Longer service life: up to 2000 cycles
• Full capacity even at high speed discharge rates
• Fast charging without overheating and gassing
• Excellent life-span: service life up to 6 years
• Protection against overcharge and deep discharge
• Lighter weight: 70% lighter than standard lead acid batteries
• Ecologic: no acid, no lead, not-toxic substances
• Small sizes
• The size is the same, the performance, service-life and weight are much better!
• Easy to use and to install
• Safest Li-Ion battery

Be careful when placing these batteries in series and parallel, contact us for further details. If your desired battery is not included in our range, we can provide you with one of our own assemblies. Send an email to and we will sort it out for you.

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