State-of-the-art loading hall in new Delhaize warehouses

Laadzaal Delhaize

For its newest warehouses in Zellik, Delhaize chose a loading hall and battery changing system from Battery Supplies. The loading hall consists of 136 chargers for an entire fleet of 308 changeover batteries.

Data logger

Each battery is equipped with the eGO! data logger so that the use of each battery can be easily monitored and adjusted if necessary. The handy indicator shows if the battery is hot or needs water.

Battery Management

The iBOS system on the chargers allow the operator to know at a glance which battery is best to change. In this way, all batteries are used equally and the batteries are given a chance to complete a full charging cycle and cool down sufficiently. All data is logged, through analysis it can be easily determined how many batteries are optimally deployed for proper system operation….

Battery changing system

The battery changing system ensures that batteries are changed quickly and safely. A battery change takes less than three minutes. This also allows the operator enough time to service the batteries and refill water.

Fast-fill system

Finally, Philadelphia Scientific’s fast-fill system will ensure that water is injected under high pressure into the batteries, making filling take barely about five seconds. With traditional filling systems, the pressure of the water is very limited and refilling can take minutes. The choice of this fast filling system is a logical choice for efficient battery maintenance.

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