New EU regulations on sulfuric acid.

Starting in February 2021, the EU is imposing stricter rules on certain chemical substances and/or mixtures. As a result, sulfuric acid and ammonium nitrate will be added to the list of controlled substances.

This measure will have a significant impact on the battery industry, among others, by prohibiting the sale to individuals of loose sulfuric acid containers (whether online or not) (at certain concentrations), such as for filling dry batteries.

As a result, we can no longer sell batteries to individuals with loose acid packs attached (for example, motorcycle and vintage batteries). Of course we are able to fill the desired battery at the counter. Motorcycle batteries which are already filled with acid or which contain no acid as well as dry oldtimer batteries we can of course still offer. For professional customers nothing changes. They in turn can fill the batteries ‘at the counter’ for the end customer.


Professional clients:

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