Infrabel project: impressive upgrade of battery banks with OPzS cells

We recently carried out an impressive upgrade at Infrabel. Two ageing battery banks were replaced with brand new OPzS cells. One bank had a capacity of 150V 250Ah, the other 40V 450Ah.

Given the crucial UPS function of these systems, keeping downtime to a minimum was essential. With tight planning and efficient execution, we dismantled the old systems and installed the new ones in a record time of just 5 hours!

Moreover, we took into account the customer’s feedback on the previous system. Refilling water was a time-consuming process, so we placed the new cells in stepped racks. This makes maintenance and refilling much more ergonomic. We also installed water-saving clocks to reduce the number of interventions.

This project is a perfect example of how we strive for continuous improvement and innovation together with Infrabel. We are proud of the result and look forward to the next challenge!

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