AQ-TRON Battery Supplies

With our AQ-TRON® brand we offer you a large range of chargers:

EV Laadpaal AQ-TRON®

Charging station to charge at home / company

A charging station can also be easily installed at your home. All you have to do is plug in the cable and you can start charging at a higher speed than with a Portable charger. An EV charging station guarantees faster charging of your electric car. You can choose between different capacities of charging stations 7, 11 & 22KW and you have the choice between different charging plugs type 1 & 2.

The EV charging stations are equipped with a socket. This allows you to charge different types of electric vehicles with 1 car charging station. This requires a compatible charging cable.

AQ-TRON® Standard (12-hour) and industrial chargers – WA

Single-phase and three-phase battery chargers. The chargers are equipped with a WA charging system that reduces current and increases voltage. The battery chargers are produced in a range of models for use with batteries with nominal voltages ranging from 12V to 96V. To make the charging process automatic, the chargers are equipped with an electronic board that monitors and controls the entire cycle through LEDs that light up during the different phases of the cycle or in case of failure.

AQ-TRON® conventionele laders, chargers, chargeurs
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