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Mobile home

Besides a solid battery with a lot of starting power to start your mobile home, you might also need an extra battery to provide the necessary power for the devices inside.

The word mobile home says it all: a mobile home. While traveling in this vehicle many devices are used on board, who doesn’t listen too music while enjoying coffee or when preparing a nice meal. Whilst travelling the feeling of freedom prevails, you want to be able to do everything you can do at home.

From open lead acid semi-traction batteries to lightweight maintenance-free LiFePO4 batteries, at Battery Supplies you will find the perfect battery for your motorhome.

Dual PurposeDual Purpose

Especially for mobile homes and boats we also offer Dual Purpose batteries.

These batteries have both strong cyclic characteristics and a high starting capacity.
This makes Dual Purpose batteries perfect as a combination starter battery / on-board power supply battery.

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