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Electric bikes

The time that cyclists had to fight against the wind is as good as gone since the arrival of the electric bikes. Now many people cycle with the wind in their backs. Whether for a short drive to the grocery store or for long journeys to work: electric bicycle was established in a short time.

Action radius

The term radius of action is perhaps the most important term when it comes to electric bikes. It depends, of course, on the capacity of the battery you buy with your electric bicycle. The higher the capacity of the battery, the larger the distance you can cycle. Please note, however, that the range is a very variable term and depends strongly on the temperature, your weight, the slope, etc.

Different models

The bicycle battery can be placed in many different places on the bike. Battery Supplies offers bicycle batteries in all shapes, sizes and weights: frog, sliver fish, rear rack, PVC rear rack, kettle, PVC kettle, we have them all.

In addition, we can also give bicycle batteries a second life and upgrade with more capacity, we can overhaul bike batteries of all brands: Bosh, Norta, Batavus, Gazelle … We open the existing housing and place new Li-ion cells with a new temperature sensor. We screw or glue the housing again and the battery is as good as new, or even better.

Please contact us for more information about our Battery Fix service.

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