Hankook startbatterijen start batteries de démarrage


  • Completely maintenance free: Calcium maintenance free
  • Fully closed lid: no leakage and minimal gassing
  • Magic eye for easy indication of the state of the battery
  • High cold cranking amps
  • Proven reliability
  • Handles to make moving easier

Whether it’s for an entry level vehicle or a high-end performance car, Hankook batteries provide reliable starting power that goes all the way through to the end of your journey.

As always, Hankook’s outstanding product quality is the result of our innovative technology.

Hankook doorsnede

Battery Structure

  1. X-Frame Grid Technology and Grid Protection Technology
  2. Enveloped separator for low electric resistance
  3. Advanced center lug technology and cast on strap
  4. Sealed double lid with frame arrestor
  5. Integrated computer design and reinforced container
  6. Magic eye indicator

X-Frame technology: maximized power & enhanced stability

Hankook’s X-Frame Grid Technology produces patterned and fully framed grids through a manufacturing process called “stamping”. Compared to conventional batteries with expanded metal grid, HANKOOK batteries deliver longer life and stable power flow.

Long Life

  • Rolling & Stamping Process
    • Excellent corrosion resistance
    • Outstanding mechanical performance
  • Full Framed Grid Design
    • Prevents grid growth & short circuits

Extra Power

  • Radial Grid Design
    • Ensures low electrical resistance
  • Advanced Center Lug
    • Better power flow


  • Production process is more eco-friendly
X-frame technology

SMF Batteries – Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries

Hankook startbatterijen start batteries de démarrage SMF

Hankook SMF Battery is the ideal choice for standard vehicles with usual power demands.
It’s maintenance free and it provides reliable power support for all applications.

Hankook offers a complete range of SMF Batteries forall of European, Asian and American vehicles.

Main benefits:

  • Reliable starting power with X-Frame Grid Technology
  • Grid Protection Technology delivers longer service life
  • A complete range offered for 99% of vehicles on the market

The role of start-stop batteries

start-stop batterijen AGM & EFB

Start Stop vehicles require enhanced batteries due to the frequent start and stop events at traffic lights. Therefore, battery with enhanced durability and charge acceptance is required to withstand the severe driving environments for the Start Stop vehicles. Hankook Start Stop series have enhanced the durability and battery life to perfectly optimize for the Start Stop vehicles.

Hankook startbatterijen start batteries de démarrage AGM
Hankook startbatterijen start batteries de démarrage EFB
Hankook Prime

Start-Stop with AGM technology

For advanced Start Stop vehicles, powerful trucks, SUVs, vans with many power consumers:

  • Absorbent Glass Mat separator
  • VRLA sealed construction
  • X-Frame Technology
  • 4x time longer idling stop life cycle HKK AGM vervangen
  • Charge acceptance 150% up
  • Starting power 130% up
  • Optimal safety for passenger compartment installation

Start-Stop with EFB technology

Start Stop for vehicles with many power consumers

  • Sealed Maintenance Free with double lid
  • X-frame Technology
  • Carbon additives Hankook EFB vervangen
  • 3x time longer idling stop life cycle
  • Charge acceptance +130% up
  • Starting power 115% up

Prime series

Hankook Prime series is specially designed for better performance with longer life and more power to endure extreme driving condition. Reliable quality to meet premium automotive technology.

  • X-Frame plus
  • Ca/Ca
  • Carbon plus
  • Heat sealed lid
  • 30% Enhanced starting power
  • Fast and powerful start
  • Enduring and consistent power performance
  • The carbon plus technology reduces the charging time
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