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Starter batteries

Hankook starter batteries startbatterijen batteries de démarrage Starterbatterien

As the name suggests, starter batteries are only used to start up machines. The most common application of a starter battery is starting an engine. The starter battery is characterized by having a greater starting power compared to other batteries. These batteries are therefore only used to occasionally deliver a very large capacity. Starter batteries have relatively many and thin lead plates, which allows them to supply these larger currents for a short time.

Are you looking for a battery that needs to provide an even current over a longer period of time? Then you should take a look at the cyclic batteries.

In addition to the standard starter batteries with lead acid, there are also starter batteries with Calcium substance (Ca/Ca technology). A starter battery with calcium substance instead of lead acid has a greater starting power and less water consumption. Because of this the battery is completely leak-free and maintenance-free.


In the maintenance-free starter batteries category, there are also AGM and EFB batteries. Technologies needed to cooperate with the new start/stop engines of vehicles.

Because these cars often start and stop at traffic lights, they need batteries with improved durability and longevity. Important for these technologies is that you can only replace AGM with an AGM starter battery and EFB only with EFB starter batteries. In other words can not be replaced by each other.


Hybrid vehicles are equipped with 2 batteries, a main battery with a high voltage (Ni-Mh, Li-Ion, …) and a second battery to power all electronic devices and the engine. We have a special range of auxiliary batteries with accumulated AGM technology to perfectly meet the requirements and performance for the stable power supply for hybrid electric vehicles.


We do not only offer starter batteries for older/conventional or newer cars with start/stop functionalities but also for oldtimers. This type of starter battery is still made in the old way but with current technologies, therefor with the best performance.

Heavy Duty

Trucks, buses and tractors are usually equipped with a Heavy Duty starter battery. This starter battery has an increased starting power so that the heavy engines can be started quickly despite all heavy power consumers on board.

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