Smart chargers

Smart charging These AQ-TRON smart chargers maximize the life of your battery through a series of 4 to 10 steps in a unique charging process, the chargers constantly monitor the condition of the battery. When required, they take appropriate action: desulphating, reviving, charging, conditioning and maintaining. AQ-TRON smart chargers regulate the charge voltage to [...]

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Pure Lead Carbon

The Dyno Europe Pure Lead Carbon battery delivers ultra fast recharge and exceptional PSOC cycling performance.  Thin Plate Lead Carbon Dyno Europe Pure Lead Carbon batteries are built to be the best and designed to be reliable and long-lasting. This means less downtime, lower battery replacement and fewer maintenance visits and thus lowering the [...]

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Pure Lead Carbon

Stable networks In the event of a power outage, you need a backup solution that takes over immediately and starts delivering power to keep your network running. For peace of mind, you need backup batteries that deliver exceptional performance even after a long time. Dyno Europe Pure Lead Carbon batteries are the [...]

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The power of Odyssey® batteries How is this possible? The answer starts with flat plates of 99.99% pure, new lead - no lead alloy. Pure lead plates can be made thinner so that we can place more of them per battery. More ODYSSEY battery plates means more lead surface. And that means more [...]

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EV Charging

Charging station to charge at home / company A charging station can also be easily installed at your home. All you have to do is plug in the cable and you can start charging at a higher speed than with a Portable charger. An EV charging station guarantees faster charging of your electric car. [...]

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AQ-TRON® Waterproof chargers

AQ-TRON® Waterproof high frequency chargers Made in Europe One profile : the correct charging curve is programmed in the factory and will avoid mistakes when assembled Compatible charge curve for mostly all standard batteries. Version ‘WET’: compatible for the most Semi-Traction, Monoblocs and Deep-Cycles Version ‘AGM’: compatible for all Lead Carbon ( [...]

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AQ-LITH® ESS Industrial battery

Suitable for: The AQ-LITH® ESS battery is being designed, assembled and tested at Battery Supplies itself. This has a number of important innovative advantages: 1. LFP The AQ-LITH® Lithium batteries use prism cells based on the superior LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) technology. This cell offers [...]

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Renewable energy storage

Battery Supplies has been investigating lithium options in aftermarkets for years. This has led to a new range of home and industrial batteries for renewable energy storage. In order to optimize the latter, a cooperation with Yuso has been established. Yuso takes care of the exchange of renewable [...]

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Home batteries

New range of home batteries: the AQ-LITH® ENERGYBOX What is the function of a home battery? Over the past ten years, many families have installed solar panels. Until now everyone could use the reverse counters. If the production of the solar energy exceeds the consumption,  this energy is put back [...]

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Negative Plate in Copper! Copper = up to 10 times more conductive than lead! What it offers More power for accelerating and lifting (high current demands) More productivity: More energy for longer running time (high energy content) Longer operational life (low operating temperature) Fast charging (charge efficiency) Opportunity charging ability -> less battery [...]

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