Solar calculator

We offer you a battery bank (consisting of batteries or cells). Depending on your usage / terminals to be connected and the to overcome period of power failure, you can calculate below how many / which batteries or cells you need.

There is a choice between two systems:

  • UPS: with such a system, we offer you the battery bank (UPS upon request).
  • Solar: with this type of system, we can only offer you the battery bank.

For further information and installation please refer to your installer.

schema solar calculator

Calculate your solution

It is important to read the correct power from your device (watts) (see picture right). On most devices you can find the power noted on the back, bottom or on the cable.

You can also use following indication list. If you move the cursor over the icon you can find out more information about the device. If you click a product, the necessary information is immediately entered in the list. Optionally, you have to adjust the power (watts) to what information you find on the device, the time must also be entered.

Based on the data you enter we suggest the appropriate batteries.

voorbeelden solar calculator

Calculate what you need!

Number of minutes in use
minimum 15min
Battery Type: Type system: Choose your voltage:
Total power:

Total battery energy content (before dod and autonomy):

Total battery energy content:

Total capacity:

Internal calculations:
Ups od Watt and batteries

* Solutions with Lithium batteries on demand.

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