Battery Supplies France

July 2018 included a big milestone for Battery Supplies NV/SA as we acquired our longtime customer Adret Energie in Meyzieu, France. Within a year, in 2019, the company was re-named as Battery Supplies France.

Mr. Robert Agnèse and his team had been a very loyal customer as one of our French distributors for many years and he approached us to take over the company after his retirements. At that time Battery Supplies NV/SA had a sales office in Waterloo in the north of France, 4 salesmen active in the whole of France and a commercial back-up team based in our head office in Deerlijk in Belgium. Establishing our own warehouse facilities in France was necessary to meet the ambitions we had in France.

With a turnover of 12 million euro in 2020, France is a very important market for Battery Supplies. Our French team currently consists of 7 salesmen, 5 people for the commercial assistance who are based in Belgium and 5 people based in Meyzieu with other administrative or technical responsibilities.

As France is a huge market this acquisition was a major opportunity to extend of network of customers. The existence of a warehouse in the south of France is an add-on to our continuous growth in this market. The warehouse in Meyzieu is about 2000 square meters and a value of 1.5M euro is stocked locally. Our customers, mainly resellers and large end users, are supplied from both the depots in Belgium and Meyzieu, depending on what stocks are available and what is the best solutions in terms of logistics. Most customers based in the north are supplied from Belgium. The customers in the center and south of France are mainly supplied from Battery Supplies France. In future this hub might be used as well to support our customers in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and North Africa.

Battery Supplies France offers the full range of the Battery Supplies product portfolio (Crown – TAB – Dyno Europe – AQTron and AQLith) and is also a reseller locally for Fiam, Atib, Victron and Fronius. With our product portfolio of open lead acid batteries (US deepcycle, forklift batteries and semitraction batteries), gel, agm and lead carbon batteries, our constantly growing range of lithium solutions and our large range of battery accessories Battery Supplies France offers a lot of advantages for our French customer base. Apart from battery resellers and OEM, our representatives are always on the lookout for key accounts in the AWP rental business, marine, solar and material handling/forklifts markets.

At Battery Supplies France we have also implemented our SAP software and the customers are given an access to our Ecommerce system where they can check our stocks in both our French and Belgian facilities, as well as the prices, technical datasheets, supply dates, etc.

Meyzieu is located very close to Lyon which is the third-largest city in France. It is also a major economical centre for banking as well as for the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Lyon also played a significant role in the history of cinema and it was in this city that the Lumière brothers invented the cinematograph, which name was used for both cameras and film projectors. Every year in December the light festival – or Fête des Lumières – takes place in Lyon.

The establishment of Battery Supplies NV/SA was our first international acquisition and it tastes for more!

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