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Motorcycle batteries

We can provide every possible type of motorcycle batteries

E-Bike Batteries

For electric bikes (E-bikes), scooters, wheelchairs, …

Solar batteries

We have a wide range of batteries that can store energie from solar panels & windmills

Cyclic batteries

For applications that need deep discharges!

Car batteries

Discover our range of car batteries!

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries

As Battery Supplies we put a lot of effort in investigating new products & technologies. Lithium-Ion Batteries is one of the technologies on which we believe it can offer many advantages.

LiFePO4 = Lithium Iron Phosphate

We can offer a full power solution of LiFePO4 battery pack + charger + BMS.

Our range covers from 12V – 24V – 48V – 72V – 144V to 388V. With a capacity of 10 Ah – 20Ah – 30Ah – 50Ah – 100Ah – 200Ah – 600Ah. The batteries are supplied with a LiFePO4 charger & patented BMS (Battery Management System) that can monitor and equalize each single cell during charge & discharge.

- Excellent low temperature performance
- High safety performance
- Longer lifespan
- High energy density
- Outstanding charging, discharging performance
- Lower self-discharging rate