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New 24v 200Ah and 300Ah LiFePO4 battery for hand pallet trucks

Battery Supplies presents its last novelty. This lithium battery is made specifically for hand pallet trucks using traction batteries as a powersource.  The insert fits with its dimensions L600xW145xH537 mm (200Ah) in multiple battery  containers and is equipped with spacers.  The 300Ah insert measures L600xW213xH537 mm.  So this types are suitable for many pallet truck models.

Do you want a 100% maintenance-free battery, which consumes 30% less energy? A battery that allows fast and intermediate charging?  This little wonder weights half of a traditional lead-acid battery, around 100 kg,  battery container included.  With more than 2000 cycles (at 80% DOD) you get a sustainable and ecological battery that is a lot  more secure (no acid or toxic gases), less heavy, more powerfull and consumes more economical.  Other dimensions, voltages and capacities can be built on demand.  Don’t hesitate to contact our technology department on

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