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Cyclic batteries

For applications that need deep discharges!

Traction batteries

For heavy industrial electrical applications

Motorcycle batteries

We can provide every possible type of motorcycle batteries

Car batteries

Discover our range of car batteries!

Solar batteries

We have a wide range of batteries that can store energie from solar panels & windmills

All chargers & jump starters


CHARGERS & startboosters

Chargers & startboosters

buffer chargers

Buffer chargers

Industrial battery chargers

Industrial battery chargers

industrial chargers  for traction battries

Industrial chargers
for traction battries

battery chargers  for starter batteries

Battery chargersx
for starter batteries

industrial built-in battery chargers

Industrial built-in battery chargers

mascot chargers

Mascot chargers

high frequency built-in chargers

High frequency built-in chargers

Different types of batteries also means different types of chargers.

Every type of battery needs a specific type of charger : open lead-acid, Gel, AGM, Li-Ion, …

For chargers there are also different technologies : Traditional chargers, High-Frequency Chargers, Built-in chargers, Trickle chargers, …

Our catalogue with all possible accessories will provided any time soon. Meanwhile you can contact us to ask for more information. All chargers and jump starters are already fully deliverable!